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The most important safety item you will buy! We offer a wide range of helmets from ARAI, OMP, SPARCO and STILO.

Motorsport Helmets and Accessories

The wearing of a helmet is compulsory is most forms of motorsport. A helmet is used to protect the wearers head from any for off impact especially in the case of a crash. Helmets are made from a number of materials these include thermal moulded plastics, layered Kevlar or Carbon Fibre. These materials are used to provide as much protection as possible but also always trying to keep weight in mind, carbon fibre is an extremely tough material but is very light hence why it is being used for helmets.
Different forms of Motorsport require different types of helmets. This will help you determine what type you may require.
Competition race helmets are fire proof and comply with all the latest homologations. Track day helmets although cheaper are not fireproof and do not pass the same regulations as the more expensive race helmets.

Within these helmets there are two main types open face and full face. Open face helmets provide the wearer a better overall view but do not provide any facial protection so can only predominantly be used in closed cockpit racing. Full face helmets provide a much better overall protection and are predominantly used in closed cockpit racing.

Our range of helmets go from the basic open face clubman helmet through to full carbon fibre lightweight full face helmets.

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