Head & Neck Safety

HANS vs Hybrid

Some quotes from our blog post about the differences between HANS and Hybrid FHR devices.

The HANS is extremely simple to use, it slides over your neck and sits on your shoulders. It is held in place by the shoulder straps for the cars harness. In contrast the Hybrid straps to your body. This was something I found a little awkward (often describes as a Parachute backpack!) but once it was on it was very comfortable.

Hybrid offers better support for side impacts compared to HANS but it must be remembered that these devices are homologated and designed as FRONTAL Head Restraints.

Weight is always an issue in motorsport and is more apparent at the higher levels. HANS seems to win in terms of weight. We weighed Schroth Pro Series Carbon HANS and the top of the range Hybrid Pro Slide the HANS came in 200grams lighter.

The Hybrid is becoming popular within rallying in Europe but for racing the majority are still wearing HANS. As mentioned the device is more awkward and takes longer to put on compared to HANS but once on, it is fine. Rally competitors can leave it strapped on for the majority of the day and remove the helmet separately.

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