FHR - Frontal Head Restraint

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Frontal Head Restraints

Murray Motorsport offer a full range of frontal head restraints (FHR) from leading brand such as HANS, Schroth and Simpson.

A Frontal Head Restraint (FHR) is a device which is used to restrict the forward movement of the head and stretching of the neck during an impact and are fully recognised by the FIA.

Available in either a fixed,adjustable or hybrid setup these items dramatically decrees the injuries sustained in a crash.These devices can be use with any FIA approved Harness in either 2" or 3". For a look at our harness selection:Click Here

Fixed Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) come in a number of different reclining angles.The angle depends on the type of seating position in the vehicle.

10 degree is designed for extreme upright seating in sprint cars, rally co-drivers with very upright seating position or drivers with very slim upperbody/chest.
20 degree designed for upright seating positions in all sports cars, touring cars and rally cars with shell seats(Sparco, OMP,etc.) This is the most common used FHR.
30 degree is designed for semi-reclined seating such as Formula cars,Single seat sports racers and similar.
40 degreeis for reclined seating positions such as many vintage single seaters and in F1.

An Adjustable and Hybrid FHR allows the user to have one devices for all reclinable options.

Theses devices are becoming more and more widely used and have become compulsory in many forms off racing including F1, WRC, DTM, WTCC and many more international and national events.

Most new helmets which have FIA approval will come with the option to take HANS posts, these can be easily fitted to allow a FHR device to be used.

From 1st January 2016 the MSAUK will make Frontal Head Restraint devises compulsory for all event.

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